Typical engineering scenarios involves a prefabricated design model. From there, engineers redesign to the new specifications, then designers edit drawing per the engineers new requests. When all seems well, reengineering is done, designers redraw, puchasing bids, bidders purchase, fabricators fabricate then refabricate. Are you caught up in the never ending relay race, running as fast as you can and then passing the baton to the next division hoping they will run with it? E.K. Aldridge specializes in such modules as material take offs, P&ID's with AutoCAD, data sheets, and cost estimating to help you pass the baton. Everyone has an idea on how they can improve there business needs and ideas that improve existing methods are possible. If you and your company need database development, websites, desktop applications, mobile applications, or simple Excel spreadsheets, E.K. Aldridge can help improve your business.